Moxa for breech baby

Your midwife may suggest that you consult an acupuncture practitioner if your baby is found to be breech. Week 34 is considered the optimal time for starting moxibustion treatment to attempt to turn a breech baby. Moxibustion means the burning of the herb moxa (artemisia vulgaris) and this is done is such a way that warmth is applied to the acupuncture point Bl67 Zhi Yin located on the outside of the little toe. Just one appointment needs to be booked with the acupuncturist to check for contra-indications and to receive a demonstatration, full tuition and moxa supplies. You need to be prepared to repeat the procedure every day for 10 days.

A Dutch study published in 2010 appears to suggest that the number of breech presentations at term could be reduced. In this study the moxa treatment is started at 33 weeks.

However a Cochrane review in 2005 had decided that there was insufficient evidence to support the use of moxibustion to correct a breech presentation. It did comment that moxibustion may be beneficial in reducing the need for ECV, and decreasing the use of oxytocin.


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