Knee Pain Acupuncture Clinic

Introducing a low cost group acupuncture clinic for arthritis pain of the knees. Acupuncture is a very powerful tool in relieving joint pain. The group treatment gives patients the opportunity to manage their pain effectively and at an affordable price. The session will be run on a Monday lunchtime  and will be by appointment for a group of up to around six patients. Those interested will initially attend for 4 consecutive weeks where their pain and its impact on their mobility will be assessed and the appropriate treatment will be given. Thereafter ongoing appointments will be calculated depending on individual needs. This will vary enormously from patient to patient but may mean fortnightly visits or every three weeks and so on depending on the lasting effects of the acupuncture.  

Contact either Bea Masters 01727 751587 or Gosling Physiotherapy Clinic 01707 329910 for further information or to book an appointment.

Arthritic changes within the knee joints cause significant pain in around 17% of the UK population over 50. For those for whom the pain is debilitating and greatly reducing their function, often the only solutions have been medication and surgery in the form of total knee replacement. Of those who are eligible for surgery, up to 18% feel dissatisfied by the results of total knee replacement.

Research into the effects of acupuncture for arthritic knee pain in these advanced stages has been very positive. A programme was launched in neighbouring St Albans, looking at group acupuncture for the treatment of moderate to severe arthritis for patients awaiting orthopaedic surgery.The research was partly born out of the desire to find a cost effective money saving alternative to surgery and it was shown to help reduce the number of patients opting for knee replacement.  From the patients' perspective the group situation also provided benefits of social interaction.

Cost: £80 for 4 sessions.


White, A., Richardson, M., Richmond, P. et al Group Acupuncture for Knee Pain: evaluation of a cost-saving initiative in the health service. Acupuncture in Medicine 2012;30:170-5


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