Acupuncture in support of fertility treatment

Acupuncture treatment is a calming and natural support for couples who are struggling to conceive. Whether there is a defined clinical cause or a label of 'unexplained infertility', stress and frustration levels can escalate, potentially instigating a counterproductive downward spiral of mood and spirit. Both partners benefit from the sessions which include a review of diet, exercise and lifestyle as well as incorporating a stress-relieving and uplifting acupuncture experience.

Wherever you are on your journey: trying naturally to conceive, undergoing medical tests, embarking on an assisted reproductive technique such as IVF or have already done so, it is sensible to commence acupuncture as soon as possible. In practice maximal benefit is obtained with regular treatment over several weeks.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Where an IVF (or ICSI) cycle is imminent or already underway, acupuncture treatment would be recommended weekly until the day of embryo transfer and then a treatment adminstered as close as possible before and after the transfer. Certain research studies have employed particular acupuncture protocols pre and post transfer. In particular the Paulus protocol which uses auricular acupuncture points is often added to the treatment.


"I decided to have acupuncture whilst I was undergoing IVF. It was my first experience with the treatment & Bea made me feel very comfortable & relaxed-which was a in itself an important factor. I now have a beautiful healthy baby girl & would recommend Bea if you were considering acupuncture." T.B.

"My course of acupuncture with Bea Masters was a fantastic experience. Bea is a lovely, calming presence and her holistic approach to my treatment felt sensible and appropriate. I am incredibly grateful to Bea for the role her treatment played in helping me to conceive my first child. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bea and look forward to being treated by her again in the future. " S.C.

" I came to Bea for treatment in the winter of 2010 to help regulate my periods and improve my chances of conceiving. Bea was great at helping me relax and after a series of questions and a brief examination was able to pick up on all my body's 'weak' spots, such as anemia which was later confirmed in blood tests. I didn't get the chance to see if the treatment helped regulate my periods as I fell pregnant on my next cycle!"R.L.

"Me and my husband were told by our fertility doctor that we had unexplained infertility and the chances of conceiving after two years was very slim. They said that after 3 years we could have IVF. That is when I found Bea. I wanted to get my body as healthy as possible and had read that acupuncture during IVF increases the chances of egg implantation being successful. Bea talked through everything with me in a calm and reassuring manner. We found that my body seemed conflicted - I showed lots of signs of being both hot and cold. Bea therefore began working on regulating my body temperature along with relieving stress and trying to regulate my cycles. I found that my cycles became more regular and after a few months of going regularly I became pregnant naturally! I will be using Bea in the later stages of pregnancy and am always recommending her to friends". L.B.

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